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How it works?

  • - Go to MagicSpace App Camera button and choose one of this options:
    • MagicSpace App Use Camera option to take a picture with iPad
    • MagicSpace App Select Photo option to select one from your camera roll
    • MagicSpace App photo gallery option to choose a picture from MagicSpace photo gallery
  • - Go to MagicSpace App 3D button and choose a 3D part from the cover flow and placing it in the picture *
    • 1 one finger to move
    • 2 two fingers to rotate X and Y
    • 3 three fingers to rotate Z
    • 4 pinch to zoom
  • - Go to MagicSpace App Share button to export the final result:
    • MagicSpace App Email option the final result for your e-mail costumer
    • MagicSpace App Save option SAVE the final result in your camera roll
    • MagicSpace App Print option send the the image for a air print near you

*You can find more options on settings menu or order your own library


MagicSpace App One finger to move instructions
One finger to move


MagicSpace App Two fingers to rotate on X and Y instructions
Two fingers to rotate X and Y


MagicSpace App Three fingers to rotate on X and Z instructions
While rotate the part in X and Y, fix one finger of the other hand to rotate in Z axis


MagicSpace App Pinch to zoom instructions
Pinch to zoom


MagicSpace App Model remove instructions
Touch and hold to remove current object

Refine 3D

MagicSpace App Model refine instructions

Erases parts of the 3D object, making them transparent so you can see the background image

Use your fingertip to select parts you wish to erase

Or simply use it to add another 3D pieces

This application was developed for iPad 2 and The new iPad with Retina Display. To take the most of the application, and use beautiful and complex 3D pieces, we suggest you to close as many resource hungry applications as you can before running MagicSpace for iPad.

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