Helping you to choose the best decoration for you or your home

What it is

MagicSpace is a simple application created for iPad, available at the Apple Store, designed to allow you to test 3D pieces in a space you want to customize;

You can try out all the available pieces, everywhere you can imagine, in your home, on the street, or even in your body, and see how that certain piece that you like so much works;

With this app all you need to do is to take a picture of a space you want to customize, access the library with the 3D pieces and chose the one you like, afterwards you just need to position the piece in the photo and see the result in real time;

Target Market

- Design and luxury pieces creators.

- Sellers and resellers of decoration articles or fashion accessories;

- Decorators and fashion advisers;

- Art galleries or art auctions;

- People in general who have an iPad and want to customize their space... in real time;

Welcome to MagicSpace!

downloaded from the App Store